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Black Mold Testing In Your Home

Black Mold | Black Mold Testing


The presence of molds in your house is due to moist and dirty surroundings. Although it is common for residential areas to be exposed to mold build-up, this is not healthy and can even cause allergies to your tenants. Black molds in particular are carriers of pulmonary and respiratory infections. Experts therefore advise homeowners to do a black mold testing periodically.


Testing for molds in your home is a task that is best done with the help of a mold inspector. Since the process involves harmful microorganisms, consider to call a licensed company that can effectively detect molds in the suspected areas. These contractors know how to properly check the possibility of mold presence without putting their health in danger. On the other hand, you might get infected and accidentally spread the fungus if you do it yourself. Hence, it is better to entrust the job to mold testers who have the expertise in this field.


Moisture and humidity are two factors that should alarm you. If the weather is always humid in your area, walls, window sills and other less visible corners of the house become moist. Molds can easily grow on a slightly wet place because this is where they get the necessary nutrients to increase their population.


Several materials are used to test if a house is infested with toxic molds. The most common tool is a cotton swab. This is simply swiped on the suspected walls or flooring then the tester will send it to a laboratory to be cultured. Once the building up of molds is confirmed, it is time to look for effective methods on how to remove the microorganisms.


The most important thing in testing your house for molds is safety. This procedure should be done with utmost care. If done incorrectly, there is a danger of spreading the fungus to other parts of the house. Call a professional mold tester now.


For more information on black mold testing and how important the entire process is for health reasons, contact us at the Florida Mold Inspection website immediately!

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