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Mold Inspection Report Software

Attention fellow mold inspectors. We offer mold inspection software for fellow inspectors.

MIR or Mold Inspection Reporter will make it easier for you to prepare comprehensive professional reports. If you do not believe us put it through the test and download a trial copy today.


IR mold inspection reporter software is easy to use and it will enable you to put information directly into the report during your investigations using a lap top computer or a handheld Palm computer.

Not comfortable with on site computing yet? you do not own a portable computer? no problem simply print out a mold inspection report checklist for note taken in the field the old fashioned way and enter your notes into your computer after you return to your home or office.

With the program you will be able to quickly record both exterior and interior observations, tool readings, AC system inspection findings, and general information related to lab result conclusions referencing reliable scientific studies.

Your visual observations, lab result conclusions, remediation protocol and much more can be input into your report quickly and easily.

Thousands of comments based on observations and experience gained on thousands of inspections from 1993 to the present are stored in the computerized forms for use at your discretion. Such comments are also based on information obtained from reliable field related studies and academic mold and indoor air quality related books.

Simply click on a phrase or paragraph that we already stored in the report and it is added to the report. New comments can be added and existing ones can be deleted if you so desire.

Last but not least the software includes very helpful disclaimers that explains limitations and goals, this greatly limit your liability.



Mold Inspection Reporter


Let us help put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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Mold Inspection Software

The Mold Inspection Reporter(MIR) software system will enable us to provide the most comprehensive &


mold inspection reports available.

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