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Mold Testing Prevents Home Damage And Health Problems

Mold Testing


Mold testing kits are available and help to determine if mold has invaded the household. Molds have an important function in the outdoor world. They break down organic matter, such as dead trees and leaves. However, indoor growth of mold should be prevented, because molds tend to do what nature planned for them to do by gradually destroying anything where they are growing. Mold is one of the most common allergens that can be found residing in homes. All molds require moisture in order to grow.


Mold reproduces by way of small spores that are not visible to the eye. These spores are carried indoors and start to grow when landing on a damp surface. When mold begins growing it can cause health problems. The allergens produced by molds make people sick. This happens when they breathe them in or touch the mold spores. Reactions can be immediate or delayed. Symptoms can include runny noses with sneezing, skin rashes and red eyes. Along with the usual allergic reactions, it can also trigger asthma attacks in individuals with asthma.


There are many tests available to learn if a home has a mold problem. These test kits can measure the amount of mold spores in the air and identify the species. It is ideal to hire a professional company to collect and analyze mold samples to provide the most accurate results. Many companies offer inexpensive test kits to be used. Some kits require taking samples and sending them in to a laboratory to learn what type of mold is growing in the home. Testing is good when needing to know if the mold is toxic or disease causing or simply allergenic.


Controlling moisture in the home and using mold testing to find and eliminate mold growth can prevent damage. Mold eventually destroys whatever it is growing on. It can ruin ceilings, walls, floors and personal items. Mold spores can always be found indoors, but they cannot grow unless moisture is present. The best way to prevent the problem is by cleaning up any mold that is present and fixing any water problems in the home. If these are not taken care of the mold will return.

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