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What We Do

Need Boca Raton Mold Inspections, Aventura Mold Inspections, Plantation Mold Inspections, West Palm Beach

What We Do:


  • We identify your specific mold, moisture, humidity, or even general indoor air quality and sick building related questions and concerns.


  • Utilize our 15 years of inspection experience to diagnose building defects that have resulted in such conditions. 

  • Assess the severity of the problem as it relates to your air quality.


  • Document the mold inspectors findings in a professional detailed written report that includes interpretation of spore analysis, digital photos, environmental readings, and the inspectors conclusions. 


  • We also provide written mold removal protocol defining the specific measures required for proper correction of the problem.




  • In summary we diagnose home mold, allergens, humidity problems, strange smells, foul odors, unhealthy gases, indoor air quality ( IAQ )  issues and building defects in all of South East Florida. Our Boca Raton mold inspections expert can provide you with a professional mold or IAQ removal remediation protocol. We inspect only and do not bid on mold removal work thus we do not have any conflicts of interest.


If you are experiencing problem levels of humidity, bio-allergens, strange smells, foul odors, or unhealthy gases and are in need a professional IAQ / air quality pro for Aventura mold inspections or Boca Raton mold inspections to help resolve the problems, contact us at A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc.

We provide certified Plantation mold inspections and testing and certified indoor environmental services. We are involved in the investigation of IAQ problems, mold problems, and humidity problems, in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. Need mold testing by a certified Florida mold inspector? We conduct toxic mold, black mold, and bacterial testing as well as moisture and humidity investigations, allergen investigations, and commercial and residential mold inspections.


Greenacers Florida property manager AC mold. florida mold
Negligent AC maintenance resulted in AC ductwork and AC panels being left open in various areas of the ceiling void above a Greenacers Florida property association office building. All these openings resulted in large amounts of hot humid attic air, rat odor, rat allergens, and attic odor being pulled into the negative pressure side of the ducts and AC system, thereby distributing this foul air to the offices below. It was bad enough that the office workers below were breathing this air, but in addition the humidity and dust that entered the duct system from the attic caused much mold growth in the ducts. The inhabitants had been experiencing health complaints for 3 years. This is a close up of the interior of the ducts in the same building. Note the excessive dust impregnated with growing cladosporium mold. Because of Florida humidity, cladosporium mold in ducts is very common. Loose panels and open ducts allowed dust into the ducts that fed the mold, & humidity from the attic provided moisture for the mold. The colder the air in the ducts the more likely this hot humid attic air is to condense in the ducts and provide free moisture for the mold.When in cold ducts and in cold AC systems this cladosporium mold looks fuzzy and gray as it does in the photo above. When the same common Florida mold species ( Cladosporium sphaerospermum ) grows in warmer areas it never looks grey and fuzzy, but it looks like tiny dark black spots.
florida mold testing florida mold test
Debris clinging to the joists, pipes, and other structures in this Florida Keys crawlspace was from a hurricane related flood that stopped just short of entering the house. Flooding occurred several months earlier. Because the flood waters never entered the house the tenant, owner, and remediator were unsure as to why the interior of the property smelled moldy. Because of poor ventilation and poor drainage, the moisture and humidly levels were still extremely high in the crawl space during this inspection. This resulted in high spore levels and mold odors in the crawl space. The stack effect of rising warm air caused the odors and humidity to rise up and penetrate the floor above. This resulted in odors and health complaints with the inhabitants above. In the above photo debris deposited by a hurricane induced storm surge flood is clinging to the drain pipes in the same Florida keys crawlspace.
iaq indoor air quality west palm beach ft lauderdale miami florida keys key largo mold testing
Construction delays resulted in long term repeated leakage into this large Florida building. Stachybotrys mold grew hidden behind the insulation on all perimeter walls before construction was ever completed. Because humidity, moisture levels, and spore levels behind such drywall is typically high simply covering the the drywall will not work. Moldy drywall has to be removed by a mold remediator.
Plantation mold inspection ozone and allergy testing
Miami mold inspection at South beach shoe store
Though our clients almost always blame mold for all sorts of heath complaints, it appears that in this extremely clean townhouse with low spore levels throughout, mold may not have been the culprit. The client had two large dogs and one sleeps in her bed, it might be possible that she has developed an allergy to dogs. Client was advised to be tested for dog allergy. More likely it was the ozone that resulted in the clients health complaints. An ozone generating device was installed in the AC, the ozone machine was set at high ozone output. The fresh smelling odor of ozone, a irritant that should not exceed .005 ppm was immediately obvious and in fact quite strong throughout most of the property. Client was advised to turn the device down. Poor AC maintenance caused a hidden condensation leak that caused a serious stachybotrys mold problem in this fancy South Beach store. Stachybotrys mold contamination took a team of workers 3 consecutive nights to remove, and caused the brand name shoe store $15,000. If the AC service company who was hired to maintain the AC had kept the pan clean and free of bacteria slime build up via the use of inexpensive ammonia chloride tablets this mold problem would not have occurred. 
Mold inspection in Boca Raon discovered 20,000 sf of hidden mold. more hidden mold at Boca Raton building.
In this 20,000 square foot medical facility our Boca Raton mold inspection specalist found high moisture levels inside every perimeter wall, and mold was observed behind some of the wall paper. Moisture was from defective wall construction and defective window caulking. Because of cracking stucco and defective window caulking very similar conditions were observed behind even more wall paper in a 20,000 square foot office building for a metal fabricating firm in Palm Beach County.
Moisture meter readings were off the chart in a beautiful small West Palm Beach guest house.

Humidity readings were also extremely high in the same guest house. Mold odors were very high. Yet there were no leaks to be found anywhere.

toxic black mold
Strange things were occurring in regard to this guest home’s air movement. A lit smoke pen indicated that air was being pulled into the house from the outlets, and was being pulled out of the house through the bottom of the wall mounted AC unit. Thus, the wall mounted AC unit was creating negative pressure that caused humidity to be pulled into the house’s walls and into the house itself. When this hot humid outdoor air hits the cold indoor walls, it’s already high humidity goes even higher till condensation forms. This condition is a type of  Paston Effect and resulted in very high spore levels and mold odors in the house and inside it’s walls. Mold seemed to be following the path of humid air flow and was bursting out of most of the outlets and light switch’s. In such a case all the walls have to come down.
Mushrooms in Miami home found during mold inspection

And, oh yes, one more thing, mushrooms do grow in peoples! homes. This inspector has seen mushrooms in homes many times times no not hippie homes, these were all water damaged moldy homes. This photo was taken by one of our Miami clients. By the time the inspection was conducted the mushroom was still present but not quite as attractive.

The mushrooms and elevated spore levels in the walls were the result of a hidden shower pan leak 8 to 10 foot away. The leaky shower pan resulted in water traveling hidden inside the bottoms of the walls of two adjacent bathrooms and one hall. The water leak likely went unnoticed for some time.


Let us help put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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